The Studio Center Film School, like it sounds, is a natural extension of Sacramento’s major production studio and sound stage.  The Studio Center has been at the hub of the film and video production activity in this region for over twenty years.  The Founder and Owner, Frank Casanova, has been a filmmaker for over five decades, with more than thirty movies to his credit… both full length features and shorts.  It was this love of filmmaking that first drove him to step out of commercial video production and seize the opportunity to establish this studio… but with one special thought.  Besides being a major facility to do significant corporate and commercial projects, we wanted to also be a center for small Indie film production!   From that, emerged the idea that we could also share our knowledge base that we’ve built up over all these years.  That idea became The Studio Center Film School.

We’re not a “film school” in the traditional sense, where the ultimate goal is to get you a “job” in the film industry, but rather we’re about the essence of filmmaking… Indeed perhaps more from the artistic point of view.  Moviemaking has become a superb form of self-expression, artistic endeavor, and great creative satisfaction… not to mention Fun.

That’s why our first classes are “how do we begin” making a movie?  That’s always the first question we hear.  So we talk about those concepts first, and then we move into the “how”.   There you’ll discover the many many pathways you can choose to bring your project into reality… And confident that you’ll know what you’re doing.

Of course we pay attention to “both sides of the camera”.  We have an entire Actor track where one can hone and fine tune their craft.

Also, as a leader in our film community, we love discussion… and we want to hear from you.  You might have a great idea for a class, or maybe a problem that you’re struggling with.   We have instructors who are the top professionals in this region.  So tap into that knowledge base.  They’re available to you right here through The Studio Center Film School.