Fred Casanova in Edit Suite

My Take on Editing

    Most people think editing is just taking the bad stuff out of the video that was shot for a production, leaving the good stuff. Any movie editor will tell you that editing can make or break the story. And the story is what all this is about. Your story. Whether you're selling a product or teaching a class or documenting an event, how you tell the story determines how well you entice your viewer to keep watching. You should ask the question, "What do I want the viewer to do?" Once you establish that goal, you're halfway to success. The remaining half is determined how well your story is told. This is one of the reasons why we occassionally get involved in film create and mold a story. It's fun and it sharpens our skills. I think we're pretty good at this, as we have garnered several awards throughout the years.

   The role of editing is to take the initial vision and build the best and most engaging video possible. I believe that talent plays a big part. Along with experience. Our friend and cinematographer, Mark Herzig, said "Just because someone has all the latest and greatest tools doesn't mean "Skyfall" is going to come out of it." I am not in the class of the editors of "Skyfall", but I understand what we are trying to achieve in our productions and I believe I bring a level of talent that isn't found everywhere. And I've had many clients tell me it was such a good experience working with us when they either didn't know what to expect or needed guidance or had less than helpful experiences with someone else. I know we do pretty good work, but when a client makes the effort to pat you on the back, that makes me believe...editing CAN make the story.

Fred C.

What We Do For You

    Most of our editing is done for our in-house productions i.e. productions that The Studio Center will manage and likely do most or all production work on, such as scripting, shooting, narration, music etc. However, we are completely open to editing for outside productions. If you have a project that requires an editor, please call to see how we can assist. Our standard edit rates are on the Rates page.